The surface tension provided by the circle drawn with the pen ensures that only the amount of antibody solution needed for sufficient reaction will be applied. Stable to 129 deg C in microwave heat. This pen is very effective for immunostaining procedures by the Peroxidase-Antiperoxidase (PAP) method, ABC method, B-SA method, immunofluorescence method, ASD method, Enzyme method and Frozen Section method. Approximately 400 applications per pen

For immunohistochemistry, PAP Pen should be applied after deparaffinization.


1. Deparaffinize tissue sections and hydrate to water.

2. Wipe away excess liquid around the section on the glass slide with tissue paper.

3. Encircle the tissue section or draw lines on both sides of the section and let dry (10-15 seconds). Soak slides in PBS.

Also available in Mini size #UBK-650.Approximately 200 applications per pen