If you use Peracetic acid for sterilizing in your work environment -you have to be prepared! This spill kit has the following product specifications;

  • Mobile, well-marked, mobile storage unit, ideal for spills up to 1 litre.
  • For use with Peracetic Acid.
  • The space-saving mobile storage unit includes:
  1. Disposable Face-Mask / Eye Protection unit, 1 unit. For use with small spills.
  2. Single-Use Disposable Nitrile Gloves, (2 pairs).
  3. Disposable Plastic Apron, 1 unit.
  4. Peracetic Acid inert granule shaker handler bottles, 2 x 1 litre unit.
  5. 1 Scooper and Scraper, 1 set.
  6. Absorbent Cleaning Cloths, 2 units.
  7. Yellow Contaminated Waste Bags with ties, 2 units.
  8. Spill control tape to cordon off spill area, 1 roll with 2 messages.
  9. Respirator mask and cartridges, (optional purchase, or utilize your existing units).
  10. Instructions for use, (laminated).
  11. MSDS sheet for item 4.