The harmful effects of mercury exposure are well known.  Clean up spills quickly and efficiently with United Biosciences spill kits.  These kits are in study portable cases with handles and so can be taken to any spill.  The kits include not only absorbents but also personal protection wear. That’s easy!

How do the kits work?

The spilled mercury reacts with the granules in the kit to create a metal/ mercury amalgam, similar to a tooth filling. The result is completely inert.

What’s included?

  1. Disposable face – mask/eye protection fluid-shield, 1 unit.
  2. Single-use disposable nitrile gloves, 2 pairs.
  3. Scooper and scraper, 1 set.
  4. Absorbent cleaning cloths, 2 units.
  5. Yellow waste bags with ties, 2 units.
  6. Mercury absorbent / neutralising powder, 1 x 100gm unit,
  7. Mercury absorbent sponges, 2 units.
  8. Mercury waste collection bottle with a wide mouth and screw lid, 1 unit.
  9. Instructions.
  10. MSDS sheets are available on items 7 and 8.