This well-marked, mobile cabinet saves valuable time when a hazardous chemical spill occurs.  It comes complete with personal protection equipment and four of your choice of spill handlers in convenient shaker bottles.  The spill handlers available are for ACID, BASE, CHLORINE, SOLVENT, FORMALIN/ ALDEHYDES and GENERAL ABSORBER.  This allows you to tailor the cabinet to suit the needs of your workplace.

How does it work?

Simply don the protective clothing and mark out the spill area with the caution tape.  Surround the spill with the appropriate handler working from the outside in and gradually cover the area with granules.  Wait a few minutes and test neutralization.  Then scoop up the absorbed matter into the bags provided.  Dispose of in accordance with regulations.

What’s included?

  • Four of your chosen spill handlers in 1KG bottles.
  • Disposable Face Mask / Eye Protection unit, 2 units.
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves, (2 Pairs).
  • Disposable Plastic Apron, 2 units.
  • Scooper and Scraper, 1 set.
  • Super Absorbent Cleaning Cloths, 2 units.
  • Yellow Contamination Bio Hazard Waste Bags with ties, 2 units.
  • Caution tape, to cordon of the spill area, 1 roll.
  • pH strips, 1 pack.
  • Instructions are on each shaker bottle.
  • MSDS sheets are available on request for all other chemical handlers.