Biosecurity is important-choose VIRKON! Contains NO phenols, aldehydes or quaternary ammonium compounds!

Virkon is a mixture of different biocides giving the ultimate in activity. It can be applied to a spill as a powder or as a 1% solution- sprayed or poured on a contaminated area. As a liquid, it is ideal for decontaminating incubators, fume hoods or for wiping down workbenches in high-risk laboratory departments eg, Microbiology. In liquid form, it has seven-day active stability and efficacy decreases with time. Virkon has been tested and proven effective against:

  • 69 different strains of virus falling into 20 virus families including HIV, Hep B & C
  • 410 different strains of bacteria in 43 genera
  • 102 different strains of fungi in 27 genera
  • NOTE: Virkon is NOT Effective against CJD (prions)

Therapeutic Goods Administration: ARTG 94340

Also available in 30 tablet pack with spray #UB988-30