The existence of heterophilic antibodies and their potential for causing interference in immunoassays has been known for many years. The potentially devastating effects of false positive assay results on the patient and the medical community have more recently been delineated. The increasing use of the susceptible 2-site immunometric (“sandwich”) assay format has led to growing concern over the problem. For this reason, Scantibodies Laboratory has developed a unique heterophilic blocking reagent (HBR) product line that minimizes the occurrence of heterophilic antibody interference.

Scantibodies HBR is suitable as a “universal reagent” for 2-site immunometric assays using any of the commonly employed antibodies as solid-phase or labeled reagents.  HBR blocks all types of anti species; goat, sheep, rabbit and mouse.  HBR blocks all anti-subtypes of mouse monoclonal, for example, anti-mouse IgG1 and anti-mouse IgG2.

These tubes have a two-year expiry from the manufacture date.

Available in packs of 20 tubes….#UB31X76220 or 50 tubes….#UB31X76250 or 100 tubes…..#UB31X76100