Polypropylene Corrosive Cabinet
Complies with AS3780
50 Litre Maximum Capacity
External Size:
720mm H x 600mm W x 400mm D
510mm H x 570mm W x 335mm D
Supplied with one shelf as standard.

The cabinets are fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

Fire Retardant Polypropylene construction Corrosive

Cabinets stop the effects of rusting when using highly
corrosive vapour acids.

Locking Mechanism, comply to the AS 3780 Australian Standard.

No Internal Metal Parts.

Adjustable and removable shelving within the cabinet.

Each cabinet is provided standard with a liquid tight sealed sump to contain spills or leaks within the cabinet.

Venting position options are included with the cabinet.

Closing of cabinet – spring loaded door hinge with
manual slide door handle closing locking.

Opening of cabinet – pull out handle opening with self closing doors.
Individual key lockable doors.