Biodegradable in Anaerobic Environments

Accelerator-Free Nitrile

Textured Fingertips – Improved Wet Grip

Premium Quality Nitrile

Eco-Friendly & Ambidextrous

Latex Free & Powder Free


BioGlove Nitrile Disposable Gloves are enhanced with the latest technology to allow them to biodegrade in anaerobic conditions in landfills.

BioGlove is certified through Biomethane Potential Testing (BPM) according to ASTM D5511. BioGlove is certified to biodegrade in accelerated conditions by 21% within 66 days, up to 10 times faster then regular nitrile disposable gloves.

BioGlove offers an ‘end life solution’ for reduction of waste.

Consumers simply need to place used BioGlove disposable gloves in the rubbish bin.

Biodegrades 10x faster than standard disposable gloves.