These durable bright dyes hold permanently through the processing and staining of samples with graded alcohols, xylene and other solvents common to histology. These dyes, have the ability to stick to the tissue, not change colors or bleed, and remain bright under the microscope.

These dyes can be used to ink surgical margins, mark serial segments of large excisions for proper embedding, maintain proper orientation of specimens for MOHS chemosurgery technique, or process several pieces of tissue in one cassette.

Made in the USA. Available in 237ml (8ozs) bottles or smaller 60ml (2ozs) bottles

Available in Black (#UB-CDI-01), Blue (#UB-CDI-02) Green (UB-CDI-03) Red (UB-CDI-04) Yellow (UB-CDI-05) Orange (UB-CDI-06) and Violet UB-CDI-10) at the one low price!