Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet
Complies with AS3780
250 Litre Maximum Capacity
Holds 9 x 20 Litre Drums
External Size: 1760mmH x 1100mmW x 465mmD
Internal Size: 1520mmH x 1020mmW x 375mmD
Supplied with three shelves as standard.
Extra Metal Shelves may be added.
Product Code: AU25901
Polyethylene Shelves
FM Approved
(Factory Mutual Insurance Endorsement)

All Justrite Storage Cabinets are manufactured to comply fully with the relevant Australian Standards.

Powder Coat paint finish provides A superior no – drip, high gloss finish which minimises the effects of corrosion and humidity. The durable finish can withstand the abrasive type abuse as other types of finishes.

Locking Mechanism, the three point locking with fail safe closing mechanism. The locking bars are specially developed to avoid bending and distortion providing a
distinct locking effect. The locking mechanism also has an option to padlock the cabinet as well.

All cabinets are fitted with self closing sequential closing doors allowing the left door to close followed by the right door. This then provides a seal around the doors.

Full length door piano hinge provides a durable sealed barrier to cabinets contents.

Adjustable levelling feet at all four corners.

Shelving design permits the ventilation throughout the
cabinet and troughs in each shelf collects spills and directs these away from contaminating products stored on the lower shelves. Shelves are adjustable incremental 76mm.

Corrosive Cabinets have polyethylene shelves provided.

Each cabinet is provided standard with a 150mm deep fully sealed sump to contain spills or leaks within the cabinet.

An additional shelf is included in our pricing to fit above the sump and utilise this as additional storage area.

Self closing mechanism is housed in the roof of the cabinet. This provides additional area within the cabinet for storage and avoids damage and alignment disorder. Cabinet closure mechanism are easily adjusted.

Dual 50mm NPS vents are provided with built in flash ar-resters. Where applicable hazardous vapours may be piped away.

Thermal Fusible Door Links for holding doors open while loading and unloading. This link separates at a temperature of 72 degrees to allow doors to close.
Double wall thermal barrier. 1.2mm steel thickness with 40mm air wall spacing.